My name is Chris Denbow, and I am a photographer based in the United States. I specialize in raw, edgy photography that captures passionate, provocative emotions.My style lately includes high contrast, monochrome portraits.If you are looking for a traditional photographer who does nothing but just simply pose you, we are probably not the best fit. I am looking for clients and models that are willing to go along with crazy ideas and be adventurous during our time together. I desire creativity and freedom in my work, life. Most importantly, I frequently ignore the rules. Who made these rules? Not me. I want my clients to experience the same freedom I do; the freedom to be whoever they want when I photograph them. I’ve been shooting boudoir and provocative portraits for the last few years on my own terms.
Whether I’m working with a business, professional models or people with less experience, I focus on creating the right setting everyone feels comfortable with. In my work with professional clients and businesses, I help brainstorm on how to showcase the message in the best way. Every shoot is tailored to a client’s specific needs and wishes, and I work hard to capture this. When working with individual models and clients, I make sure to take the time to make everyone feel comfortable. When the vibe is right and the atmosphere is relaxed, we can create some art.As for my non-working life, I enjoy trail running, software coding and am working on several novels/short stories at once. If you think we are a good fit, please fill out the form found on the Contact page above so we can create something inspired and fun together.

Kind words from the amazing talent Chris has worked with:

“Having had the opportunity to work with photographers from all over the world, I must say working with Chris has been a great pleasure. His attention to detail, outstanding composition and creative eye brings such a fresh and exciting result to an old art. His art and connection to his clients has been second to none and the talent and joy he brings to his working world is such a rare find. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a digital artist who can bring your story to life to reach out to Chris and you will be amazed on what you receive.”

– Marla, CEO

“Chris is a great photographer and has done some great work for local magazines and online publications. He has a great eye for concert and musician photography and is very knowledgeable in many photo techniques. You need this guy for your magazine or event photography!”                                                                                             

– Joshua Self, AV Technician

“It was really great having you. Great photographer. Make me feel confident and comfortable with myself. It was fun and totally awesome.”                                                                                             

– Erick, Client