The Why Of It

Recently I was asked why portrait photography, or specifically portraits of people in various states of undress. My simple reply is always because I enjoy the challenge of capturing people in different light, angles and unique expressions. The fact that they were in various states of undress was moot. But then I also thought why […]


Say hello to Penny, the Pentax K1000 camera with a 50mm prime lens, a 2x teleconverter and flash. So looking forward to loading her up with some new 35mm film and taking her out on a nice day trip.

Creative Rebellion

“Most of the world seemed to have moved on from film stocks, and the cameras were no more than vintage keepsakes of photography history. I would get strange looks whenever people figured out I was shooting with a film camera. We were seen as a bunch of misfits — or hipsters, as the wretched label […]


Looks like I’m in the market for a new Polaroid. My current is perhaps too old. The lens is scratched and the lighting is unbalanced. I expect a little bit of surprises but not to the point where the images are almost unviewable. Drat. 2019-12-15


One roll of film, 36 black & white exposures and one hour to shoot it in. Chasing after light, shadows, textures, shapes and anything else of interest. Memories of a lifetime ago in the high school darkroom came flooding back as I blindly loaded the spent Ilford roll into a spool and tank in the […]