Embracing Monochrome

So you’ve noticed by now that this website is almost entirely monochrome, or devoid of colors. Black and white photography is my ideal artistic approach. I can appreciate all of the colors of course but for me, B&W is best.

B&W is simpler and minimal. In a chaotic, distracting world I choose simple. Simple is better.

Monochrome photography can be more of a challenge because sometimes you have no idea what the results will be. You know what your subject looks like in real life. You can visualize all the colors around you, and there is no mystery or fun there. But with black and white, there is that mystery and that is what keeps me going. To find that perfect blend of light and shadows to reveal your subject in newer, creative ways.

I love the monochrome setting on my camera and will sometimes shoot strictly in that mode just for the hell of it. I shoot in RAW because all of the color data is still imprinted on that image file and I can always convert to color in post processing if desired.

Try using your black and white mode or convert later, you’ll see the world literally in a different light.

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