Hotel Photography Tips

White hotel bedding is magic

Photographing inside a hotel room has all manners of convenience and risks. I treat the room just like I would a studio rental, politely. I am there to use their space with and no shenanigans or fuckery. This isn’t spring break, and you aren’t a rock star with a massive budget to replace a damaged room, this is a work assignment.

Try not to bring negative attention to yourself such as breaking things. Only recently have I had my first hotel room damage. I made the mistake of sitting on a table with three legs and down I went to the floor. Thankfully a little wood glue goes a long way!

Don’t try to alter the scene with smoke or too many candles. That sets off fire alarms and sprinklers and of course, brings negative attention. Remember too, that courtesy goes a long way to avoid said attention.

Clean rooms, modern furniture, neutral tones and hopefully a decent view can really make your session stand out. Don’t limit yourself to just the room though. Hopefully your room will have a balcony to make use of. Pool areas, decorative halls, lobbies and more can be discovered if you are able to scout ahead of time.

Another benefit to using the room as a multi-hour studio rental? If you’ve reserved the room then it is yours to enjoy for the rest of the evening. I can’t tell you how beneficial it is to treat yourself to a little staycation. Think of it as a reward for all the hard work you’ve just put in.

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