How To Become a Creative Photographer

You ‘should’ be doing _____

Photographers are creatives at heart and usually find their own style of photography and their own workflow. But too many of us want do it the easy way and find those shortcuts to the instant online credibility that we crave. When watching YouTube tutorials or other methods shared online by people selling these tutorials, photographers want to duplicate almost exactly the same look.

But when this happens then you’ll notice their photos pretty much look like everyone else’s. There is no uniqueness or even creativity. BORING!

It is perfectly fine to study how other’s are doing their craft but there way may not be perfect or fit for you and your creative views.

Learn the tech and the specs of your camera. Follow those rules and master them. Then and only then do you realize that they are simply guidelines that can be experimented and played with.

Following the rules will get you almost perfect, sharp, beautifully exposed images, sure. And then find your own style by bending those rules.

Every image you snap will be different. If you capture the same scene every day there will be changes. The weather and the light will be different. So take what you learned and apply it to these changing situations. You can’t get this from a tutorial.

Apply your own creativity and skill for the results you want and not to please others.

Shoot how it ‘feels’ instead of what it ‘looks’ like

Only your feelings and emotions will allow your unique perspective to come through. Add your feelings to these photos. Who else can see the world as you do? No one.

You want your images to convey feeling and to provoke emotion. These are the most compelling.

Learn Your Camera and shoot constantly

Like every thing learned, it will take time and practice. The more you go and shoot, the faster you acquire desired skills.

Shooting in automatic mode? Try manual instead.

Using your camera’s built in flash? Learn to master exposures instead.

Once you’ve acquired the skills you need, you’ll be able to create and express yourself faster

And pretty soon, you’ll be a creative photographer.

We are created to become creative. Try not to rely on other’s creativity. Make your images brilliant and unique.

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