Mobile Photography

A mobile phone can be one of your most important pieces of gear in your photography kit for multiple reasons. Not only can you produce amazing images with the advanced camera quality and intelligent software, you can work on your post-processing and also publish to your desired platform. Hopefully not just social media but your own website!

The hardware and software that these devices have really advances mobile photography into a legitimate medium. At this time they are not ready to replace manual digital cameras but they are trying. With lens adapters added on to these devices there are very few limitations.

Speaking of limitations, I’ve been using apps that mimic vintage film cameras and treatments. Some will mimic a film camera to the point where you have to wait to see the images for a day, just like we had to do when we had our film rolls developed.

Mobile photography is readily available and can be more fun that traditional cameras and I don’t hesitate a moment to use it on a photo shoot when desired.

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