Photography’s Future

The 2019 iPhone 11 Pro

I’ve written about mobile photography previously and I wanted to add to my thoughts now that the tools have changed significantly.

I will not go into the full specifications of the device but rather the benefits.

Yes, the cost of the new iPhone Pro is $1,000 and yes, it could be a deterrent for some but honestly, we as photographer’s spend the same money if not more on a new body or a new lens. When was the last time your new prime lens could make a phone call?

What camera do you own has the capability to capture, edit and share your images all in one except for your mobile device?

I was honestly content with my current xR and was thinking of upgrading my mobile photography with external lenses such as a telephoto, fisheye and wide angle. I could have spent hundreds of dollars for these.

Instead, Apple has included three fully synchronized lenses built in. A 12MP wide angle lens, another 12MP Ultra Wide and a 12MP telephoto lens. Combined, all of these will fit my portrait photography needs. Combined with all these lenses, I’ll be able to shoot 4k quality videos as well.

I am looking forward to lightening my camera kit and taking images with one device. We’re not quite there yet, almost. But photography’s future is looking better and better.

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