How Much Is Beauty Worth?

Almost nothing as it turns out. Here’s what I mean: it takes little effort to acquire beauty thereby the value of it decreases. You can push a button to make music from digital instruments. The internet gives us access to useful and useless information. Some of us pay hundreds of dollars for photo software when […]

A Simpler iPad Photo Workflow

cd-com: Following up on my previous post about editing photos with the iPad and VSCO workflow, I wanted to add some even more simple tools. The iPad and it’s Photos app have some very basic editing tools and help simplify your workflow.   When I import my images to the iPad from the Lightning SD card […]

iPad + VSCO Workflow

cd-com: The advancement in digital photographic technology has come a long way, baby. When I acquired my first digital camera 18 years ago the post processing was minimal and the software was expensive. More recently, I’ve converted from a Nikon and Compact Flash adapter to desktop drive to an SD card to laptop situation. Why? […]

Photo Denbow v. 72

Photo Denbow has been redesigned again and has a renewed focus on portrait photography. Other personal and photo project work will be here on the blog or other photo websites Website | VSCO | EyeEm | Flickr I also want to take on a new aspect of portrait photography and that will be as a […]