What To Wear: Boudoir

A lot of people about to pose for a boudoir session have the same question and that is: “What do I wear?”

After years of photographing people in this type of setting, let’s see if we can offer some peace of mind. Most photographers such as myself love to coordinate almost everything. The backdrop/setting, the model’s hair color, eye color, skin, wardrobe choices, etc. Ideally the client will send images of the wardrobe prior to sitting. For the ladies:

Casual Wear
If you are concerned about what to wear to this session than let’s start casual. Real casual. A tee shirt or over-sized sweater over underwear is simple and can produce amazing results.

A bra and panty is always a good choice. To keep a consistent look, try to have them match! Or be playful and mix and match. I’d suggest if you want to do that then it’s best reserved for outdoor shoots. Either way it’s fun.

Speaking of fun, try a sexy twist and wear something that your partner does. One of their tees or button downs for example.

Jewelry, glasses, bags, hair accessories can all enhance your session. Viewers’ eyes are drawn to everything so why not enhance this with a personal touch?

If you want that sultry, sexy look then lingerie will always be ideal. Garters, slips, teddies, stockings are all sexy, intimate choices.

And for the men?
Again, simplicity is best.
Start with a simple tee, or tank top.
Jeans, then a mix up of either briefs, boxers or boxer briefs.
After that? Time to get creative.

The most important thing to wear is your confidence and personality. This is you at your sexiest.

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