What’s Next?

I’ve been exceptionally busy this past summer communicating with photographers, connecting with clients, working those portrait sessions and preparing for an art gallery showing at my favorite art bar. At times I was far behind in delivering promised images. This was all self-inflicted and have no one else to blame but myself.

But I feel the results have been satisfying and I am grateful. What’s next?

Archive Organization

Before I can begin to think bigger I must get organized. I struggle with managing my archives. I recently acquired a 10TB EHD and I’m actually looking forward getting a fresh start knowing where everything is and can be recalled easily.

Developing Photographs

Thanks to the art show, I have a renewed desire to print more of my work. It is simply a joy to see your image turn into a photograph. In addition to the website, I want to start and build a portfolio as well.

While I’m discussing prints I want to find a photo print exchange with other photographer or print enthusiasts. This will challenge me to be more deliberate in my sessions and choosing what to print and on a schedule.

Book Club

I may even publish photograph books and magazines for. In both print and digital. Educating myself on how to publish will be a welcome challenge as well as delivering frequent content to digital subscribers (email newsletters?)

Digital Publishing

I will continue of course to maintain this platform. Obviously it is the easiest way to communicate what is going on here in the studio. But I do need to be more deliberate in sharing my experiences and thoughts here.

Adobe Lightroom Presets

Something that has been on my mind for a long time is developing my own film filters to use Lightroom. I think I can even publish them for others to use as well.

Film Is Not Dead

My mother recently acquired and gifted me a gorgeous Minolta 35mm camera that needs some restoring love before using. I’m eager for this to happen as soon as possible. In addition to that, I came across a Canon 35mm to play with as well. If time permits, I may even hop back into one of the darkrooms in town and play with some chemicals to get my images developed.

Keep Shooting And Have Fun!

Of course in the immediate, I’ll be shooting more portrait sessions but at a slower pace of course. On tap is another loft shoot with four models instead of five this time.

There are a brilliant mixture of immediate, short term and lofty projects to chip away at and I cannot wait to begin.

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